A Holistic Health Coach

What is a Holistic Health Coach & more importantly how can it help me? Many people ask me what is a Holistic Health Coach and what is the difference between a Health Coach and say, a Nutritionist, a Life Coach or a Therapist.

Learning What Works For You

Healthy Consumer

Being a healthy consumer means a lot of things which can all be sewn into a nice eco-friendly bag.

Healthy Adventure

Tip Tap Toe… Time to put our shoes on and journey into the unknown. Full of culture, history and entertainment. Let’s peak inside.  

The Sound Of Silence

The beauty of silence, how to harness it, how to succumb to it, how to deal with it and how to know when it needs to be broken.


If it’s to be, it’s got to be me. If you want something done you need to rely on yourself to get it done. Properly.  

Emotional Freedom Technique