Healthy Individual

One Word. It is up to YOU to make YOURSELF happy. No one else can do that but you (long term).

There are ways to go about this, several actually, but ultimately YOU have to put the work in everyday in order to make yourself feel happy, nurtured and content with life.

From the beginning to the end of the day, you are accountable for everything you do, feel and say.

That is why becoming an independent person, relying on your own merits and achievements and expanding your own horizons is vital to ensure full acceptance of who you are and why you are here.

That is not to say it is mutually exclusive with nurturing and helping others, far from, in helping others we in fact help ourselves. But it is important to note that starting on the road of self-development and maintaining it on a daily basis is not only tough, it is excruciating (at times). We really have to see ourselves for who we are at that present time which can be painful. The sliver lining is, you are not that person forever, you will change, adapt and grow in different ways, have different life experiences and in turn create different perspectives. The important thing to remember is, we are on a journey, a long winding journey full of life’s beauty and sacrifice. Remind yourself that in the good times it is important to stop and count your blessings, because in the bad times you will need that strength to help shelter you until the new day.

Much Love.

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